Horoscope lucky colour


Wearing the colour that corresponds with the day of your birth can be very beneficial towards your karmic destiny. Accessories, clothing etc once coordinated with your lucky colour can prove the difference when going in for a job interview, a lucky date, or other such appointments that need that extra little something. The wearing of a lucky colour can be used in conjunction with new clothes day, cutting your hair day, cutting your nail day, washing your hair day and oil day.

Sunday's colours are bright red, green, emerald, amber, with definite bans on blue and maroon.

Monday's colours are white, light yellow, black, tan, brownish yellow with definite restrictions on amber and red.

Tuesday's colours are dark red, pink, dark yellow, orange, greyish-silver, and the restrictions are light yellow, white.

Wednesday's colours are green-leaf, gold, timberline, stone and earth, and restrictions are on dark red, pink and metallic colours.

Thursday's colours are dark yellow, orange, fresh red, timberline, and brownish yellow with restrictions on black.

Friday's colours are blue, dark red, pink, brownish yellow, with restrictions on timberline and other hazy material.

Saturday's colours are black, blue, diamond, and maroon with restrictions on greenish colours.