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Horoscope for personal only

For personal astrological connections that can alter the course of the future, we offer answers to any questions with a minimum payment of 60 USD (click for more details). For free predictions please click here.

Money Matters
Find out the perfect occupational match for your astrological sign for great prosperity.
Find when to search for that new perfect job.
Find out which investments to make and with whom to ensure maximum profits.
Find out who to hire and when to hire to make the perfect astrological connection and ensure success.
Find out when to promote that assistant to support both yourself and the company.
Find out which deals to broker and which not to maximise your advantage.
Find out which days to set up your negotiations.
Find out when to launch a new brand.
For agricultural and or dairy based occupations find out when to harvest/plant/breed to maximise crops.

Love Matters
Find when to start contacting the 'right' someone.
Find out if your partner's temperament, feelings and emotional capacity matches yours.
Find out when to ask for love from the opposite gender.
Find out when to propose marriage, when to have the wedding and if married life will bring happiness.

Find out if your child will be healthy, wealthy and a good person. (Read on...)
Find out future complications for your children before they happen so that a remedy is possible.

House and Home
Find out where to plant and build your home so that it is completed on time and no complications arise from moving in.
Find out if your address, your telephone number, your apartment number and other numeric figures that can be chosen is done so to maximise health and prosperity.
Find the dates to open your new house/factory/business/school to ensure a safe and secure future.
Find out when to purchase a new vehicle or other mode of transportation that would ensure its safety.
Find out which license plate numbers fit you.
Find out when to have beautification surgery so that the desired outcome is reached.
Find out when to have medical surgery so that everything goes smoothly and no complications arise.
Find out when to check out of hospitals to ensure good health.
Find out when to start treatments and with which method to ensure the best possible outcome.
Find out what names are appropriate to give certain things to ensure smooth transitions.
Find out when to start further education to allow room for growth and knowledge.

Further Explanation
One can understand that there might be hesitation when we prophesize certain things, like a time and date for an ideal birth or whether a c-section might be more appropriate. An open mind is needed for such cases. We would never make such recommendations lightly. When my son was born, we did it by c-section. For over twenty years he has been the ideal son, nurturing and caring, a perfect gentleman one that his family, immediate and extended cares about very much. For myself personally it was very hard to have children so I began to undertake and understand various prophecies and astrological functions that would allow me to remedy that situation. Furthermore it was revealed to me that my son would bring grant me three very agreeable revelations. After his birth I won the lottery with a combination of the number 3 and for almost 30 years he has brought luck to me.

There are two ways to find out future predictions about your child.

Find out the approximate date of birth and gender of your child and give to us as your fortune teller.

Method 2 involves bringing the astrological signs of the two parents together to find out the future of the current child.

In addition to the charge for personal fortunes a gratuity charge of a further 20 USD you will receive an additional 15 months of fortunes.

Payment Methods
Money can be transferred through pay pal reached through

Transfer information should be email to
This should be done with 12 hours or posted on the discussion board.

For 20 USD we can predict your fortunes 15 months in advance. For 60 USD we will allow one question that will be answered. For 80 USD we will predict a 15 month advance as well as one question. For English predictions a minimum payment of 60 USD is needed. If a prediction is received in regards to a personal question follow up inquiries will be free of charge.