Horoscope and Signature.

Horoscope vs Signature

Someone once asked me does a signature have any effect on our fate. He was really asking could his fortunes be better if he changed his signature, the best way to go about this is find a professional related to the matter and see if changing your signature has any effects on your predictions by both doing a before and an after prediction. This process might take an absolute age before we are sure if signatures has any effect on luck.

Please observe the people around us when they have a pen in hand what we draw, what we doodle as our inner self usually comes up when we are drawing random designs. Therefore it can be argued that our fortunes can be made or our signatures might tell something about our inner selves.

Changing our signatures might not change the future but it might help lose some of the stress we place on ourselves when one is confident of our signatures and confident of who we are projecting onto other people.